Would you date a killer like my cousin?

Im going to talk about my cousin, (lets call him Pablo) he lives in the US with me. he's 24
He killed someone when he was 16 in rebelious mistakes, it was self defence, and since he was a minor that helped him get off even though he did have to suffer some consenquenses but later got his records exponged. But his mistakes of being associated with gangs is what lead him there.

When pablo was 20 he went back to his home land Venezuela military and has done killing torture there, all legal but still morally questionable but he did was he thought was right to save the most amount of people, but he enjoyed killing these people because he felt they deserved it for hurting innoncent people so he's done things like tortue, behead, and slowly kill in the name of execution by law, so again legal. Now he's back in the US.

He is very nice though, he's not violent with women dont worry. He spends a lot of time doing charity things, helping refugees, donating to the poor. although he doesn't consider himself a good person but he doesn't consider himself a bad person either but feels he needs to do a lot more good. But he has a serious hard core sense of how to handle things. Like one time his female friend got assulted so Pablo broke into the guys appartment and seriosuly kicked his ass, tied him up and threated to kill him if he ever went near her or assulted any women again. The guy never went to the police because Pablo has info on him like he uses herioine and sterioids so that won't play in his favor and he would be investigated for sexual assult so Pablo used this to his advantage. Some people thought pablo was extreme for this. Pablo told me some people never learn and extreme measures are needed, and that he won't wait for the innocent to get hurt. He also has a hard time trusting people but is very sensative but does not let it show. He often feels guilty because he wished he could be normal and feels broken.

Would this scare you ladies? Dating technically a killer.

he's not in gangs anymore, it was a mistake when he was young


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