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So here is the thing me and this guy friend had a kind of a fight and he found out i like him (we stopped talking for a couple of months after words). Now we are friends again for the past month but he is been very flirty and touchy (he doesn't touch other girls a part from a small punch or shove), bite my finger (just once), keeps relating everything he and our friends talk about to me ( like says oh that reminds me of MY NAME), likes everything I post on facebook, tries to help me in problems (before he would never get involved), he says lately I have changed (which he did he became so nice to everyone right after I started talking to him)... YET! He will never hang out with me alone except that one time because I had a problem which we discussed on whatsapp but he insisted on meeting... Like why he would show soo much interest and sign but not even hang out with me alone... although he does that with all his other female friends.. just not me.

So I asked him to meet alone and he was like okay and we set a date but then he messages today trying to push it earlier for no reason knowing I have a lecture after we meet by an hour... do you think he is trying to give me a little time so I dont stall and say I like him (does he even think I will) or what?
we met for a short time cuz our friends asked if he was free and he said yes which got me pissed and I decided not to say anything. So when we met I was like what do you think I should get for our friends birthday and he raised his eyebrows but suggested stuff and afterwards was like thats all? and I was like "yeah I changed my mind" which earned me a glare but then he smiled and said okay... we sat for 5 min in silence and I was like whatever lets go and he looked surprised but said k.. WTF?


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  • He does show lot of interest but I think he is just taking things very slow and is being extra cautious about it. He seems to be very concerned regarding something

  • He is showing lots of signs of interest but probably thinks it will be awkward if its just one on one. He is probably nervous and doesn't know what to do.

    • so what do you think I should do?

    • He needs a little encouragement bc he isn't initiating on his own. Just pull him away for a one on one if he is always in a group. Once you 2 are more comfortable it may be possible to date.

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