Would anyone else be upset?

my parents dont have money i have to earn everything i get so i started making money online it takes FOREVER but thats the only way i get stuff. my boyfriends parents buy him everything i always show him im like omg look how cute this is (just cause girls do that) and he offers to get me stuff but never does he just says he will and once he gets money he buys his own things and i gave him$70 giftcard and he never payed me back would anyone else be upset?

  • i would be upset
  • i wouldn't
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  • He is a person of entitlement ( thinks the world owes him ) because momma and daddy made him that way. While in some ways that isn't his fault he will have no value of money. Now on the other hand you have it the opposite as him , what you have you got the hard way , you earned it ; thus you do know the value of the things you have. As far as to $70.00 gift card , chalk it up to a lesson learned and don't make it a habit of doing things for someone that is so ingrateful

    • i just wish when he said something he would mean it like ill give u the money and never do it

    • Yes that would wear on my nerves pretty quickly. I am a person of do , not talk about it

  • I agree totally with @bryon I'll add I'm proud of you for the way you're getting things done your way. Does take forever, but it's a good job done well!!

    • thank you its just i have no one to talk to its so hard but thank you

    • Maybe this guy is a bit too thoughtless for you. He obviously is not a man of his word. I'm always here to talk. If it helps ever, you are welcome to PM me anytime. ... and you're most welcome!

  • i would be too much upset,


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