Been talking to some one for a while and now im unsure how to ask something?

Ok so been chatting to someone for a bit and i have spoke briefly about my ex with regards to my kids and he asked questions so knows whats what. He has his daughter full time but I've never asked why. We have met and get on really well, but now i want to know, would it be rude of me to ask. Iv tried to get it into conversation but struggle as i feel like its none of my business.


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  • It's time for you to ask, "Wassup with your daughter's mother?" Of course it's your business to know. If the relationship is to go further you must find out if she's a psychotic meth-head wench about to be released from prison.

  • Just ask


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  • Honestly I've never hesitated to ask such questions "oh you have a kid? Nice. Do you get to see her much? Oh wow, full time? Can I ask how you managed that?"

    As a single parent I expect to be asked questions about what my custody is, what happened with the dad and such stuff, so if the guy has kids I'd think he'd be used to being asked as well...

    • Yeah i did that but just didn't push why she's not around. She doesn't see the child i thought its must be serious why she doesn't

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    • No he said he has her full time then we started talking about how sometimes she gets upset coz she doesn't have a mum. So in my head i thought she wasn't here anymore so i didn't want to push and ask why. If you get me.

    • Ah ok I see. Well I see it as a legitimate question still. I would say just ask him ;)

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