Why can't he love me?

I've been with my partner a year next month. Actually, we got back together a month ago on his persistence.
A few nights ago after I had cooked him his favourite meal and after we had sex, we were in bed cuddling and he was on his phone.
i glanced and saw that a woman was sending him photos and there was messages that i couldn't read.
He refused to show me the phone saying it's only a friend. I felt completely disrespected and started crying.
He told me I was being stupid etc.
The next day I went on about it and he knows my ex partner cheated on me and I wanted to be reassured.
He told me he doesn't want me and to leave him alone so I did, then he was messaging me asking where I am etc.
The past two days I have been going insane as he's told me he's staying at her house as he got evicted and that he doesn't care about me. Yet when I called him, he was in our friends house and not in this woman's house.
He contstantly tries to make me jealous saying things like this when its lies.
Yet in a day or so he will message me again this is our pattern after we row. He tells me to leave I do then he comes back in a week or so saying i stressed him out.
i haven't contacted him at all as im fed up of feeling like this.
He told me yesterday that he wants to stay with his friends but can't as all them have girlfriends "not like him" he really seems to enjoy making me hurt and anxious.
when I walk away he's therr again


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  • You need to get rid of this manipulative control assed freak and do it now. He doesn't value you nor the things you do for him. There are guys that would all but kill and some that would even do that to have someone show them the depth of love your capable of. Why waste it on some sponge that will do nothing but take and take until you have given out and can't give to anyone else because you are literally broken from it all

    • I am already broken from it.
      He won't cuddle me after sex and dents away at me.
      I have left and tried to leave him before and he comes back again.
      Last week he was telling me how good I am and that I should be with someone else, I actually agreed with him and he started calling me etc.
      He says he doesn't want me but when I'm moving foward..:::. Boom there he is.
      I want him to look back someday and regret all of this and loosing me.
      Calling me ugly and things too

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    • Thankyou. I've put my foot down before but didn't keep it down.
      I feel so lonely all the time and I need somone who will love me 100%

    • Yes you do. And this guy just is all about self

  • Why dont you break up with him?


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