Was this girl just nervous or did I blow the first date?

I took a girl out from school last night. It was unplanned and a quick little thing. Before this, we'd only talked a couple of times in person. However over text we got down well. We flirted a lot and basically planned to kiss and make out. This girl us a virgin and has only kissed one guy beforehand.

We went to a park, but came back in my car because it was cold. We talked for a bit in my car. I tried to initiate and jokingly said tat we should kiss. She kind of avoided and said that we should go get coffee instead.

We went and we talked for about 2 hours. A lot of the conversation was about school. Sometimes it felt forced and she was noticeably talking quite fast. She had her hands on the side of her head looking away for a lot of the time. W3 had our fun and interesting moments though. Keep in mind that over text, we flirted so much and she was so interested and happy to talk to me. It even got sexual and she made it clear that she wants a relationship. We click on many different levels, especially personality.

I dropped her home. I was pretty discouraged by this point and said my goodbye. She wouldn't get out, so I took it as a clue. We kissed for about 30 seconds before she started giggling and said "omg, I don't know what I'm doing". I tried to calm her down and we talked for a bit. Before she left, I leaned in to kiss her again and she said "I can't". I said something along the lines of "seriously?" abd she said "do you want me to?" we tben kissed for a few seconds until she left.

She then texted me that she was horrified and embarrassed by what just happened with the kiss and that if I don't talk to her anymore, she'd understand. I really look forward to seeing this girl. We got along so good over text and flirted like crazy but in person she gave signs that could signify nervousness or just disinterest.
Was this girl just nervous or did I blow the first date?
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