Alright gentleman I need help, first date outburst what to expect?

So to make a long story incredibly short, I met this guy at work when I was engaged and I started to connect with him and I had a crush but I was already engaged. After a few months I got married and a new job. Fast forward to present time I am now single and this friend messaged me to have dinner. We've been going back and forth how we should have dates. Etc etc. we had dinner and it went all wrong, he was rude and kept telling me he knew it wouldn't have worked with me and my ex and how I should have listened he ripped me apart killing the whole date. He seemed almost annoyed? The date ended and he said t was nice seeing me. I know he wanted something casual but i haven't heard from him in 3 days. What gives? Did he do this because I hurt him? Out of spite? Or maybe he's just not that in to me?


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  • He sounds like a complete and total arse TBH. It wouldn't surprise me that he met up with you just to trash you

    • Yeah I think you are right. Sucks

    • I would much prefer to be wrong but it sounds like he completely ruined the dinner with him spewing his anger at you

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