Was he cheating on me?

I caught my boyfriend attempting to go to one of his female friends' house. We are in a long distance relationship, and I've caught him speaking to her constantly throughout the day, going to 'hang' out without me knowing twice. He then changed her name on his phone.. He said that they are only friends and I have male friends that I hang out with too. But the difference is I am open about my guy friends, whereas with him.. I have to fish for information. So what is he hiding? He says he doesn't let me know because he doesn't see it as a big deal.

The background of them two was that, she wanted to date him but he claimed that he wanted to be single and just have 'friends with benefits'. My boyfriend and I have been friends for 5 years, and he wanted to be in a relationship with me but I rejected him twice.. in the space of three years. So he gave up... lived a single life for a while. I told him I had a problem with their friendship and that I wanted him to cut her off.

He said no, that he does apologize for trying to go to her house without letting me know. But I have cut off all ties with men that see me more than a friend. Why can't he do the same? we have talked about it on several occasions but it still bothers me, and it has affected my trust for him.
Has he cheated? Done something I dont know about?

I've made it clear to him that if I ever find out anything concerning this same girl and him, it will be the end of our relationship. Since then, I see no texts/calls from her. Why can't he just be open their friendship? I am friends with his other female friends. If he is hiding messages.. then does that insinuate he is doing something wrong?


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  • Yeah.., he's cheating. Sorry muffin.


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  • I would think yes he his or will; even though he may not have actually done anything, the fact that he's hiding things from you proves that he's obviously doing something wrong. He acknowledges that it's wrong.

    And the biggest thing I find faulty here is that the value puts on your relationship. He refuses to let go of a girl, and chooses her over your relationship.

    I think that in itself says what he thinks of you and what you guys have together.


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  • Just let him go, y'all shouldn't have even been in a LDR

    • So do you think he is cheating? and what is your opinion on LDR? Why do you feel we shouldn't have been in one?

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    • @MeBoy yeah, makes them feel less guilty

    • Exactly my friend

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  • Sorry to say but he seems a bit guilty... one about changing her name, one sign :/ 2 the fact that he knows she likes him and that initially he was too the whole friend with benefits thing... and the fact he still sees her anyway, I dunno but it sounds super weird to me and i wouldn't put up with it. Especially where he doesn't hold to the standards he wants you to have (no guy frinds that like you) but he can. You should really talk to him and give him the choice, because he sounds like he isn't being serious about you. If you could reject him twice maybe you should think about ending things because he isn't treating you the way you deserve. Because he can always delete convos... just a thought x