Question about dating?

hi girls what do you expect from a boy to do on dating , for making it enjoyable.


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  • Personally, I find the whole dinner/movie thing unoriginal and unthoughtful. I perfer a guy who would take me to an arcade and play games with me (not just make watch him play) or maybe even mini golfing . For a second or third date a drive would be fun. Find some interesting spots near by to visit, like some nice trails or tourists sites. Sitting in a car close together forces you to either talk, or listen to each others music. Either way you learn something about the other.

    Every girl is different though. I don't even like when a guy buys me the classic flower/teddybear combo. MUCH perfer something quirky or homemade. However, most girls like fun, open minded, confident guys. Don't always play it safe! Play it up or things will get boring fast.


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  • I am 21. and I think it probly will relate to your age sometimes.

    I expect him to organise things to do take me out dinner, beach met up at a club...

    How do you make dating enjoyable?

    I guess that come down to if your the interested in him.. but of course us girls don't wana stay in watching movies all the time.

    I know I would love to be with a guy who would take me out a lot do adventuorus things together go swimming, hang out with his friends and other groups maybe go away together a big friend group go to the beach or snow..

    sometiems the boring time are the funest though the average dinner nights at his place an a movie night...


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