Should I take that as a no?

So we have been trying to hang out for our 3rd date but our schedule has been so different (he asked me a few times to hang out)... I texted him yesterday and told him that I'd like to see him this week and if he would be free sometimes this week to hang out, he said, "of course, I'm free this A, B, C days..." I told him we should hang out on day B, but no text reply for 2 days now... is that a NO?

guys, why do you do that? If you say yes to hanging out, and gave the options/days that you are free, and then no reply... If he said no to hanging out, I would have just been, "Oh, Okay, It's fine..."

ps. We have a good time hanging out the first two dates..


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  • It could be anything family, friends, work, exams only way t find out is to ask him.


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