Guys, question about this guy?

He wrote me last week asking when is good for me to meet next week. I said Wednesday or Saturday...
So today at Wednesday he wrote me asking what time i am free... i said i am free at 5pm. He said "i go to work from 3-9pm"
And i didn't reply, he silent too...
What do u think about situation?


What Guys Said 2

  • Not much of a situation. He wanted to meet up with you but couldn't make it that day. When you didn't reply he didn't keep on texting which shows some independece.

    • what do u mean by independence

    • He's not being clingy in any way. Which is a good thing.

    • but i think he doenst want to meet that much

  • The ball is in your court miss if you don't respond he will assume you blew him off

    • he wrote me early in the morning, i read it only at 1 pm... so wasn't much time left to meet anyway