Why is this guy intentionally ignoring me?

Guy asks for my number on dating site. He's local. He texted me that same night when I gave him my number and he ends the convo fast and says "he's being bland because he's tired and for me to have a nice night." I text him the next morning. Didn't hear all day so I double texted him and he immediately responds. We text for a good 2 hours-- he responds lengthy messages. Then he stops texting me again. Conversation is still going but he just stops. Hours pass so I go online the dating site and as soon as I go on he visits my profile. You ask for my number -- don't text me yet still view my profile? I already texted him twice in a day to show I'm interested. Does he have a girlfriend then? I'm confused and annoyed. I don't know what I did wrong. Is he trying to play games? Should I just delete his number because st this point it's annoying. He's not cute to me but from past online experiences im just trying to explore different options. I have a headache.


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  • He just wanted to see if you would respond as its kinda famous for girls to know to give wrong phone numbers or ghost guys.

    Once he knew it was really you he probably didn't want to bother you. He may have also decided after two hours its probably would be good for both of you two to do something other than sit or whatever and text each other.

    He also sounds shallow and introverted kinda.

    • He is introverted! Well he told me he's extremely introverted and enjoys alone time however he likes to meet people. he was going to work later and he visited my profile at work but he usually responds while at work. I won't let this consume me just trying to see what happened so I can not do it next time I talk to someone. maybe he doesn't want to talk, who knows. Time will tell. If I don't hear in a couple of days then I know he just wanted an ego booster.

    • FYI introverts are extrememly talkative just not over txts and in extrememe cases not over phone. I'm moderate to low introverted and know people who are radically introverted. He probably prefers face to face talk.

      Introverts get lots of kinda bad negative talk. But a huge percent of the negative talk about introverts is heavily exaggerated. As introverts are extremely detail specific. Such as ask for a gift or have something on your wish list of things you want. Introverts can go to the extreme of getting the exact gift at the highest quality and detail.

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  • Well... it's obvious. When he stops texting you, he's texting other girls. People on dating sites do chat up multiple people, and you two aren't even exclusive yet.

    • Well yeah I understand that but why visit my profile when he already got my number? He's intentionally showing me that he's ignoring me...

    • You do have a point. It's weird.

  • he's not putting much effort, just put him on the sideline.


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