Why did he ask for my number - text me for 2 days and then ghost me?

This guy online was talking to me for 5 days on a dating website. He made hints about wanting to meet me and complimented my smile. Then he asked for my number. He text me that same night and we briefly talked. He stopped and said he was tired and bland and for me to have a nice night. Next day I texted him in the morning.. he didn't reply. I text him again in the afternoon to see if he was ignoring me. He texted back fast. Said he was sleeping in really late. We talked for a few before he had to go to work. Then he stopped replying to me after a while. Usually he messages me during his work time when we messaged on the dating website. I checked to see if he was on his dating profile that same night while at work and he was. He went online twice however didn't message me. Is he not interested? Why did he ask for my phone number then? When we talked we had a lot in common and even a mutual friend. He wrote lengthy text as well. He said he is an introvert but likes to meet people as well. Should I wait until he texts me again? If he doesn't text in 2 days should I delete his number? Or should I delete his number now?


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  • Thats why. you sound boring thats what made him lost interest.

    • Nahh. I doubt it. I used a lot of emojis and asked questions and kept it engaging. He was the one being boring, but despite that I kept it going.

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    • Lol. I mean I offered to take him to this food place but he didn't hint that he liked the idea? He just talked about how he likes or dislikes the food there. He kinda gives the vibe of wishy washy moods. Meh whatever. I tried. I think I'm a pretty cool person so he's missing out. *shrugs*

    • I know he is you sound like an awesome person 😏

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