Mom keeps discouraging me from continuing to date a guy! Help?

I really like this guy and the guy seems to like me too. I can trust that he would never cheat on me because I believe trust is important for a relationship to work. Even though, he has doubts, I've never talked to another guy. I've met his parents already (they're a little shy) and he hasn't met my parents yet, and he wants to meet them except I'm worried about my mom. If they meet she'll act nicely externally but internally she'll hold a grudge since she's completely against the idea of dating. She knows that I'm dating a guy, but I'm afraid of what she'll say to me afterwards.

She mentioned a few things such as the fact that she'll say 'leave my daughter alone and stop distracting her' (from school/studying). I told her that ever since I met him, I've become a bit more sociable and happier, and she laughed. I thought I should tell her that he had a lot of girlfriends in the past before (which was a bad decision) because she started saying stuff like he's cheating on me probably since he had so many girlfriends and it made me doubtful. It made me doubtful and angry, because I don't want to imagine it.

What should I do? She already knows that we're dating, but she hasn't forcibly told me to break up with him even though mentioned it a few times. I really love him..


What Guys Said 2

  • Your mother's behaviour sounds toxic.

    It is your life, your happiness.

    As a mother, she should want you to be happy, rather than sabotaging it.

    The only sensible reason is if her experience means she is noticing things about this guy that you are missing.

    But from the sounds of it, she's just a b*tch.

  • If you are in fact 18, you are an adult and she has no right to mess with your relationship.


What Girls Said 1

  • You mom is just being like any good mom.
    Sure, they can go over board but I trust that she wants whats best for you : which is a good education and a good husband.

    If its not interfering with school or family life then I think it should be ok for you to date him. Dont listen to her too much esp the part about he maybe a cheater etc. Sometimes out moms can save us from a huge heartache (i know mine did) but sometimes they can make you miss out on a wonderful experience. All I would tell you is that , love him, communicate and have faith. Ask God to give you insight and if he is the one for you , it will work out.