I thought I liked her but I don't.. At all?

There was this girl I thought I liked
The only reason I "liked" her was because someone else also liked her

And it was like a competition to see who likes her more and get her
It wasn't a competition to like see who can make her like them first I mean it was real

I thought I liked her And this guy was in the way
So after all that she chose me over him...

And I don't even like her.. Like once the other guy moved on and I was stuck with her I lost all interest completely. I know it was a giant dickhead move but...

I don't like her Like I thought I did...
What can I say to her to let her know I'm not interested?
Without being mean


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  • Telling someone you not iterested in isn't mean. Its honest.

    • So you wouldn't be mad if you were the girl in my situation?

    • Nope. Id be sad as hell and in denial but you can't be mad at someone for not loving you.

    • Id only be mad if you led me on

  • You can't! Your gonna look like a dick and just say you found someone else interesting!

    • I played along with the boyfriend thing because I didn't want to hurt her...
      I mean she chose me literally today
      It may feel like I got her then dumped her r e next day

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    • Is it better to tell her or just try and let the relationship fade away so she just thinks it didn't work out

    • Just tell her! Stop wasting time!

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