Should I move on?

Ok, I am really confused...
A guy I just started talking to a month ago, asked to get to know eachother which is great. But he can go days without talking to me... we had plans to meet up and just never heard from him again.
As far as I know there wasn't anything off about him but he seems very shy...
Could it be that he may not be into me? Should I just give up and move on?


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  • Shy guys can be hard to read, I know. I know what he is doing is not right and the signs does indicate that he might not be interested, however that may not be true, the truth might be that he is lacking confidence, or he gets very nervous when he is about to meet you.

    Hence why don't you have a talk with him on this one?

    • The last conversation I had with him nothing seemed odd because he asked me a question about what I was doing and then I answered and that is when he stopped replying. He has been going through a lot lately which I feel he may still be dealing with. The thing is I don't want to feel like a clingy person...

  • Yes give up


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