Do I love her? What do I want?

I met and slowly fell in love with a coworker it took a year. ( I fell very hard, the first time in my life I have felt this way about someone)

We met up at some work parties, and after a year I saw her with a guy and it broke my heart… She later told me that was her boyfriend.

I was heartbroken, and I’m not sure if she knew but she kept asking if I was okay, I didn’t seem like myself ect… she even started bad mouthing her boyfriend, Not sure why...

It took me a year to get over her, talking to her but then I went no contact.

Not even saying hello... She confronted me, so I started talking and then asked her if she liked me... She said that she was just being friendly, and was sorry for any miscommunication.

Some more time passed, I didn't like how the above played out because I was still unclear and wanted a more clear answer. " I am not into you at all", so I went searching for that for closure.

Now I was talking to her, to see how her relationship was going and she said they are no longer together…

So she is all I can focus on right now, I can't describe how I feel or what I want.

This girl that I would have done anything for, she hurt me, but now I have a chance... But do I still have feelings? Do I feel rejected?


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  • Are you sure you have a chance with her now?

    • Well no, I can never be sure...

      I would have to slowly talk to her more and more...

      Start hanging out with her, and then ask her out...

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    • Thank you, I really enjoyed talking to you stranger!

    • Same here.

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