Karma in dating... LOL?

She blew me off for some other dude,
It turns out the other dude is a douchebag and now she trying to jump the ship..
Crying, making eye contact with me and smiling etc hahahahaha...
But now im blowing her off lol.
Although she moved onto that guy after i didn't ask her out, she even suggested to go to a movie but i dint make plans.
But i just love how karma plays it part lol.
What should i do guys and girls?

  • You did not make a date earlier when she hinted at going at a movie, so it was your fault, give her a chance now.
  • She showed her true colours that she will be a cheater in future, just dump this bitch.
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  • your doing the right thing by blowing her off, keep doing that because she deserves it