How can I get him to like me more than a hook up?

I hooked up with one of my friends and I like him is it possible to get it to be more. I feel when I hit him
up he is busy, he told me he liked me and would be open to dating but after we hooked up he's kinda been radio silent. Help? Should I just disappear & leave him alone


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  • Silence after a hook up is a HUGE sign that he doesn't want anything more.
    He probably only said he wanted more just to get what he wanted.
    I'm sorry but some men play these games rather than being upfront.
    The guy I hooked up with a while back, made sure he texts me every other day.
    I pounce the pussy on that guy so good he will feel as if he has no other option, lol!

    Guys that are in it for the goods are lame in my opinion.
    Don't waste your time.
    I'd stop contacting him.

  • Either. Who knows what they want anymore..