What do I do if she comes back?

We never 'dated' we have been on one date though. She seems to like me but I never got a chance to make her want me more.

i acted kinda if needy and a tad clingy which drove her away more. Her only reason for not going further with me is she didn't feel a connection. (Which obviously means something else as there is always a reason, I asked her a few times to give me the truth no matter how bad it might hurt but she never said why)

she likes this other guy now and things seem to be going well between them, for some reason if it doesn't work out and I get another chance what should I do.

I was pretty much doing all the chasing before and never really gave her space to think about me. She still doesn't know that much about me and I know a lot about her.


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  • Maybe she didn't actually feel a connection. It happens.
    Also: "I asked her a few times to give me the truth"
    umm, yeah you sound kind of needy in my opinion. That's one of the issues she probably had with you.

    • Yeah the needy thing isn't me i just like closure so i can put it into practice later on.

      I like to learn from my mistakes, i would also rather be told the truth and my feelings hurt than have them spared and i don't actually know if i have some major personality floor or im just but ugly haha

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  • Wow, u know u have been fucking up by acting needy clingy and desperate. ThTs weak behaviour.
    Plus when u were on date, did u go for the kiss or u acted like typical nice guy? Becoz if u dont go for the kiss, woman perceives u as being weak.
    Now she is dating other guy, the best u can do now is stop all communication from your end, and tell her 'hey, if it doesn't workout with this dude, let me know'
    And then u walk and never look back.
    If she ever reaches out to u, make a date and get physical with her.
    But i guess u have blown it up with her.


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  • you should give her some space
    Just let her think what she wants, and let her know that you are always by her side no matter what happens... give her support when she needs and do not chase her... try to impress her but just don't roam around her every time. ... rest is upon her, she'll do what she wants!😊😊


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  • It is this "what do I do to make things happen?" attitude that drove her away previously.

    Second verse, same as the first!

    • I don't follow sorry, could you explain?

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    • No im asking whats my approach if she comes back to me, I've learnt from my mistakes.

      Sure its an unlikely scenario but if it does happen whats my gameplan.

    • You should be much more casual. You need to eliminate the idea that this is THE girl for you and you need to make it happen. If it does happen, that's good. If it doesn't happen, there's a reason why it doesn't work and you are better off not being in a relationship that doesn't work.

  • doubt that day will come. move on