Asking for number, to wait or not?

- seen her twice during a group activity of sorts
- take for granted she wants to hang out, I know this for certain
- there was a third party with us when we last departed so I didn't ask for her num/to hang out
- I added her on facebook with the idea of getting her number and giving her a call (just my preference)
- she's out of town this weekend
- I was going to wait til next week to ask her, but now I am thinking about her and am wondering why wait? I could talk to her tomorrow and still hang out next week.

Which should I choose?


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  • You should ask her number right now. Waiting is not good when it comes to such things. Do it as soon as possible.


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  • Yes, you're right. You can go talk to her and then you can choose on a time to hang out together.


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