She updated her profile after our first date. Does that mean she is not into me?

Our first date went for 6 hours long. We could talk about anything and I could feel the connection, she said she doesn't kiss on first date but really like to get to know me.

When we we say goodbye she didn't even kiss me in my cheek, she only hugs me and let me kissed her cheek.

I texted her the next day to let her know I enjoyed the night and love to see her again soon. She told me she enjoyed my company and want to see me again. It sounded like she only like likes me as a friend so I didn't respond.

Few days later she messaged me so I tested the water to see if she is keen to meet up and it seems like she is. We agree on a day but no specific time and place.

I logged into the site where we met and saw her updated her profile.

Should i I confront her? What should I do?


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  • Isn't your profile still active? What's wrong with her updating hers?


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  • You agree on a day but no specific time and place? No wonder you are having trouble dating. You're the guy. Make a definite plan and invite her to join you. She's probably as confused as you are, and getting annoyed that you can't plan a date.

    • Haha that's exactly what I thought. Be a man and plan he time and location or at least ask what time works for her!

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  • Not yet. This is only the first date and she's still undecided about you is my guess. She likes you enough to see you again, but is not closing the door yet on other options. But again, it's only your first date. Give it a couple more dates and see what happens.