How to speed things up without feeling uncomfortable?

The last girl I was dating, I lost to another guy because I was moving to slow. I always wait until I am sure she likes what I do. So it took me about 1.5 months to lay my arm arround her and stroke her. We were touching each other accidentally all the time, and when we sat next to each other our bodys always touched.
How to speed things up, without feeling uncomfortable. I don't wanna do anything I'm not ready for or I have to say sorry for. Is there any way to know when when a girl is ready for the next step?

And are there girls out there who like to take it slow?



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  • I don't like to take it slow. 1.5 months is too slow, I would lose interest. I was seeing a guy for almost a month and there was still no kiss. I got bored and "dumped" him.

    • Could you explain why you get bored?

    • If you need an answer to that question, then you are very far from understanding of dating works and what girls want. Hanging out is cool, but that's not what keeps the spark. I need intimacy, passion, to be touched and feel wanted. I was dying to kiss him but he just didn't care. It made me feel so lame that I even cried about it. I need a man who's gonna make me feel like a women, not some immature boy who wants to play games. Life is short. If there's an opportunity, grab it.

    • I definitly wanted to do more with her, it was just that I didn' know if she want it too. And I definitly not played games ;-)
      Every time I was making a step forward, she made a step back. But everytime I reduced my tochyness she increased hers, so I really didn't know if she wants more.
      I even tried to kiss her two times, but got rejected both times.

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