Did I get played or what?

(I'll try and keep it short) Met this guy through a dating app (not Tinder) and been talking for around 3 months. Im currently on exchange overseas so he decided to come over so I could bring him around. Before he came over, we flirted and have been talking about making out and stuff. I met him in person for the first time when I went to pick him up from the airport. We had 3 make out sessions in total in his hotel room. There was french kissing but when we were done, he would give me a forehead kiss each time. He also treated me with respect and stopped when I told him to stop. On the third day of his trip, he wanted some space but I didn't realise it so I freaked out so badly and thought that he was trying to get into my pants (because no guy treated me so well before) so I insulted him over text but the next morning, I realised that I screwed up real bad so I sent him an apology. I also went to his hotel room unannounced to talk and to apologise. He said that everything has been moving too fast too quickly. He also made it clear that he doesn't want to do something that both of us would regret. He also asked for space and wants to wait till Im back in our home country to sort things out (which is around in 2 months time). I also asked him if he just came over to get some action, he shook his head (meaning no).

I've asked my friends, 3 out of 5 said that I've been played. The other 2 said that the guy is interested in me. One of my girl friends said that since Im not dating this guy, him asking for space is really just a nice way of telling me to get out of his life.


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  • yeah cause some guy is gonna jump through those hoops just to make out with you then bail lol

    • A guy would go through so much trouble to make out with a girl? I did ask him before and he said that if he wanted some action, he could easily just go to a club.

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    • i can be an asshole at first but if you give me a second shot i get more serious lol, just future FYI if you ever run into me again hahaa

  • What would you expect from Tinder?

    You didn't have sex, no worry thus.


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