Why would a guy treat a girl this way?

i met a guy recently- for a date. i was driving from out of town to a concert. He agreed to go to the show and said he had his ticket. he seemed nice and said he really wanted to see me. kept sayign i was so pretty and cool. I ditched some others i knew going b/c i said i'd go with him- but had a feeling he didn't want to go. he kept saying he was just going to the show to hang with me.

when i got there, he made up a story about how he had to get a ticket from a co-worker nearby, pretending to call the guy. He thought i was going to my car but i said i'd go with him. u could tell he was trying to lose me. i went in his car- there was no friend with ticket he pretended to look. He tried to 'drop me off' and say he'll park. I said i'd wait. we parked. He was walking with me, and refused a 30.00 ticket to buy--i told him it's a good deal. We got in the show. Then, when we went inside he began grabbing me touching too much.. i was moving away. finally at our seats he said "why are u running away from me"? acting all shocked.. i told him he was touching me too much. 5 mins later he said he had to go. This guy was CRAZY- i mean he was a skinny indian douche. a jerk. He acted as if he wasn't going to hang with me if he couldn't put his ugly hands all over me? i texted him with profanity n said he nearly sexually assaulted me. Why would a guy think he can treat a girl so badly? it was crazy.. he also ditched a really famous band..

also, a lot of guys treat me as if im only good for sex- im really hot/pretty and i dont get it
im also a nice person- why are these guys such jerks

the concert this idiot ditched was pearl jam- he got a 30.00 ticket, then took off.. just ridiculous... and he had a seat right near mine, near the stage


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  • One of them damn Indians... say no more... they treat women like crap always.

    • i know--i totally agree-- i hate them.. and im pakistani.. but indian guys esp
      are scumbags...

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  • Where did you meet this guy? Not that it matters but did you know him beforehand? What a complete slime ball!!! It even scares me to think what he would do in a private place. DO NOT ask why guys treat you like this, it is not you! Yes, some people present themselves more sexually through dress and looks, not saying you do, but even that is no excuse for someone to do that to anyone! I have been able to spot guys like this a mile away now that I am older and maybe you should feel them out more before meeting up. I can tell a guy that would not treat any girl that sort of way, so it is not me or anything I do that would make someone treat me that way, it is them! A guy will do that to any girl or would never imagine acting like that, you want the latter.

    • i agree--its crazy--i met him online and he sounded nice through text and on the phone
      im even older than you--so trust me i know--i try to look out for that crap-
      but i did get the feeling he didn't want to go to the concert- so i made sure- kept
      asking him--i had no idea he'd be such a creep--but yes the guy was sick.. its scary
      these freaks are out there..

  • What a loser. Sorry you had to go through that :(