Girls do you also start losing interest in a guy when he is taking it too slow (guys can comment too)?

I liked this guy so much! And when I say "liked" I mean that I wanted to spread my legs for him right there on the first date. I haven't had sex in awhile (bad breakup) and I'm craving to feel like a women again. It doesn't necessarily has to be sex, but at least some physical contact. I'm dying to be kissed passionately, to be touched and pulled closer, to feel wanted and sexual. And this guy seemed like a perfect fit. But he is taking it SO FREAKING SLOW. He is not shy, he had a lot of hook-ups and he knows how to seduce, I'm sure of that. But I'm frustrated that he is just not doing it on me. He gives me a compliment from time to time (mostly related to my career and my hobbies), and he said I'm cute and pretty. CUTE AND PRETTY, are you serious? We went on 3 dates so far and he still didn't kissed me. Even though he knows how much I want it. Everything else is wonderful, though. He is being such a gentlemen with me and I can see that he is a good guy. He calls, he texts, he opens doors for me, he always drops me home, he got me a surprise gift, he helped me with my broken sink, he makes me laugh and is very considerate. But... it's not enough. :( I kinda feel guilty for losing interest in him. I tell myself that it's not a big deal he just doesn't want to rush and it's been only few weeks... but I can't seem to be at peace. I just simply don't feel wanted. I feel like a sister to him. If that makes any sense? I wanted to talk to him about this but now I don't even want to anymore. He texted me today and I just didn't respond at all because I don't feel like it and I'm not in the mood to "hang out". I used to fantasies about him and now everything feels so meh. I wish I knew how to get back to being excited about him. Is it even possible or is it too late to reignite the interest?

I forgot to mention that on our second date I tried to go in for the kiss and he pulled back and said "not yet". So that was pretty embarrassing and I swore to myself that I will never initiate a move on him again. Then on our third date, I tried bringing the topic. I said I felt pretty embarrassed after that and that I'm sorry for pushing it, and he said it's all fine and that I should not worry about it. I wanted to continue the topic but he didn't meat me half way and I just changed the sbjct


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  • Its NATURAL.
    here's the thing, when a man doesn't act like a man that means doesn't make moves when signs are there, hesitates etc, he is no longer an alpha male, he starts acting like a beta male.
    My first girlfriend told me all about this - she told me "im losing interest baby coz ur not making moves on me, i wana make love to u and if u dont do it , i will lose interest"
    Its not that women do it on purpose , its just how a feminine woman reacts.
    A woman will quickly lose interest if the guy hesitates for too long.
    The key here is communication , if u dont communicate u will lose all attraction for him and u won't even realise that why u lost interest,
    What u are feeling is completely natural, most women dont know what things a guy does attracts them and other things repulse them, dont feel you are bad or something, but u gotta communicate with him immediately or ur relation is done.


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  • No, it doesn't have to get to that point. I just increase the pace a bit on my end. Most guys don't have a problem moving faster, but some of them need more cues, signs and actions from you that say you want to.

    Like you said he's a gentleman so he's just trying to be respectful but it's a hard balance so you have to help him out. Let him know in more obvious ways that you're okay with going faster, initiate some things yourself, and usually he'll take it from there.


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  • So spread your legs for me then 😂

    • That's what he told me before we met. And then he chickened out. Or just not interested lol.

    • Seduce him

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  • It's pretty normal to wane on someone who doesn't seem to be reciprocating, but seriously MAKE A MOVE lol. You don't have to wait for him to do it. And if he's all like nah we're not ready, then end it lol.

    i guarantee if he shows some strong sexual interest in you though you'll change your mind again.