Why is he staring at me? If I was him I'd be mad at me?

So I've been ignoring this guy lately and I make it obvious too. I'm ignoring him because I don't want to catch feelings for him, I'm moving soon. But why does he keep staring at me. It beams at me and I can feel it even if it's 50ft away; and it kills me :(. I was cleaning the trash one day and he was behind me. I obviously didn't know he was behind me because he came out from no where. I'm pretty sure he was staring at me because when I glanced back there he was looking at me. I waved, he waved and I went back to cleaning. When I glanced back again he was gone but a few mins after there he was again -.-. looking at me, not in a creepy way by the way lol. I can see him blushing too. If I was him I'd be hecka mad at me though because I ignore him so much. the only time i don't ignore him is when he's right there and I gotta say hi u know?

The thing is why haven't he asked for my number yet? We've talked here and there for about a year now. I consider him a friend, but we don't even know each other's name. I mean he flirts with me and everything so I'm sure he ain't shy. So what do you all think? Let me know give me a hint and er thang.
By the way I was about to go sit by him today and just be blunt but I was afraid I'd scare him off.


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  • Probably because he enjoys looking at you?