I'm a heavy set 35 yr old single father, I've been talking to a beautiful girl I really like for a month now but?

So as I said I'm 35 back in the dating world and have met this beautiful women who is a few years younger than myself and in some way out of my league but she keeps talking to me, we are going out on our first date in a few days and I'm nervous especially when I found out the kind of guys she has been with sexualy and in relationships were all very good looking and great shape hell one was a firefighter I ask myself how can I compete with that lol she seems to be ok with it tho. I just want to know from a woman's perspective can someone who was attracted to one kind of guy switch like that? Since hard body bad boys was her thing to a heavy good hearted person with average looks?


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  • Short answer:

    Longer answer:
    Look, I am a shallow vain narcissistic bitchy sex addict, but... if you are a devoted, strong, no-bullshit father who loves his children and has strong values with which to raise them, then, that is WAY sexier. That's the sexiest thing in the WORLD.
    Now, seriously, stop manufacturing problems where they don't exist, and get to making that woman fall in love with you. <3

  • The bad boy thing gets old, trust me... and just because you don't think you're all that, doesn't mean she doesn't.

    Maybe she feels good around you. Maybe you make her laugh, maybe she wants a guy she can trust. Maybe she got tired of dating boys and wants a man...
    There could be endless reasons why she wants to date you.

    Go and enjoy your date. Don't question the hows or whys. Just enjoy it for what it is.


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  • Yes and no. She obviously sees something in you that is compensating. Also sometimes dating the same kind of people becomes repititve.

    Only time will tell what are her true feelings and intentions are