Does a guy with high standards and no hair at 18 have to wait awhile to date?

I recently asked a question about personal opinion of a shaved head on a young guy as I lost mine. It was mixed but my main concern is that given my high standards and being so young, I'll have to wait several years to date. Hell I've heard about women in 27-29 say bald is gross. Now looks matter like I said I got high standards too. I just want to know if it's such a general turn off to young women, especially more attractive ones, that I'll have to wait several years to really have a chance.

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  • It's not a big deal to that many young women, you won't have to wait years to date really
  • I'd imagine it's a big issue for most young women, chances are you'll have to wait awhile to date
  • It's a deal breaker for the vast majority, you'll probably have to wait until 30's for your time to date really
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I admit looks matter so please no looks don't matter type answers.. I need a girl who's far above the norm looks wise for me and I'm not hypocrite.
It's a little ridiculous a guy who takes care of himself is seen as unattractive to young women simply because he lost hair. I won't settle regardless, it's just sad as unlike fat, nothing can be done about no hair. I don't get why it's an issue for most.


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  • When I went to middle school there were these twins in the year above that were bald (genetic), but even so they actually looked pretty good anyway.
    I don't mind completely bald, some guys can pull it off but I do think bald tend look better on guys over 40 ish.
    But honestly as long as your face is good looking then I'm sure you can keep high standards in girls as well.


      That's a question where my picture is, tell me if you think I can pull it off..

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    • I guess like I can take it being de lightly harder for me, I just worry that I'll never get an attractive young girl and that's what I ask as like I said settling isn't an option no matter how lonely or old I get, if she's just average it isn't worth it.

    • So I just worry you mean my chances are slim for finding an attractive girl who will say yes and doesn't mind bald-which if that's what you mean pretty much means you were just being nice saying 1/3 would dare a bald guy.

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  • Well as long as you have something else to offer besides looks. If you don't have much luck with women your age I guess you could go a few years older.

    • So you're saying that a bald guy basically isn't going to attract a girl physically, that no hair detracts any real physical sex appeal?

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    • I do pull it off facially very well, I'm pale and skinny but facially I rock it and that's not an exaggeration.

    • Also which did you vote? Or did you vote?

  • If a lady is worried about a man having no hair, I think they are worrying about the wrong things. It's just hair. I believe there are more important things to look for in a person. Keep your head up, the perfect one will come into your life when the timing is right!

    • Look looks matter to me, I'd never date even an average looking girl, we need to find our partners attractive and those girls can have any guy with hair they want.. Yeah personality matter too no doubt. But personality alone is just as pointless, if she's not a looker I couldn't do it.

  • I didn't pick an answer because it depends on the rest of you. Any girl can overlook certain physical attributes if there are other things about the guy that she likes. Since guys in the military shave their heads often, I don't see baldness as that big of a deal. It wouldn't bother me.

    • I do pull off no hair facially, my head and face work well with it but I am paler though and my skin just does not tan... And I'm very skinny as I run a lot.

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    • Yes, bald men can carry sex appeal. Like David Beckham for example. It also depends on how you dress too.

    • But you seen my pic and you must not think I look good with it since you say I'd need other qualities

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