Guys, If I know the guy I am talking to does get busy quite often but I also have a feeling he uses it as an excuse to ignore me sometimes?

ignore me sometimes... should I confront him, say goodbye, or ignore the situation?


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  • You KNOW he' busy, but you have a FEELING that he's using it as an excuse.
    There's something sure, and that is that he's busy, but you're still making up some shit in your mind that he's just using it as an excuse.

    You can walk away if you prefer to give more importance to paranoia instead of facts, that's up to you.

    • I guess I should clarify. He's reading my text and opening my snap chats. I think if he has time to do that he should be able to reply even with an "Im busy" text if he truly was...

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    • Then tell him that he's doing it again. Tell him that if he's busy, he can just text you "I'm busy, ttyl". Just that shows that he cares and thinks about you. Not texting at all shows that he doesn't even think about you, cause no one is busy all 24 hours, there's at least 1 minute when he can pick up the phone and text you. If he cared, he would do that, but it doesn't seem like he cares...

    • I agree. I feel like some days he cares and others he could care less.

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