Should I accept a marriage proposal from a good attractive guy (I have a bf)?

I love my boyfriend and he loves me. The problem is he wants premarital cohabitation but I am totally against it. I really want to have a normal family (marriage).
I have some male acquaintances that are in love with me and want to marry me. I can choose a husband among them but I don't love any of them. In this case marriage without love is pointless. Or maybe I will start to forget my boyfriend and love my husband?
Dating someone who doesn't want marriage even though loves me is pointles. But maybe he will change his mind?
I am so depressed. I don't know what to do. if you can help me then I will be soooo thankful to you.

  • yes because you want to get married
  • no because you can't marry a guy you don't love
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  • You said it yourself "MAYBE". There's no guarantee that you will fall in love with your husband after marriage. Why take such risk? It's a big decision. What if the guy you marry turns out to be way worse than you think? YOLO so don't take such risks.

    About your boyfriend, try to convince him to marry. If nothing works out then leave him. There's no point in relationship if you both want different things. Look for someone new and if you fall in love then marry that guy.

    Trust me, in my short life I've seen many loveless marriages and it's not good for anyone involved including family and children.

    • is loverless marriage sexless?

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    • what can I do?

    • First, talk about marriage with your boyfriend. Let him know that it's something important. Explain the reasons why you think it's important.
      Then let him talk. If he still doesn't agree with you then listen to his arguments against the marriage. If you think that it's hopeless to change his mind about marriage then nicely leave him. In that case you both have clearly different views so I see no reason to continue that relationship.

      Avoid marriage with someone you barely know or you don't love. I've seen countless marriages like that & either it ends ugly or unbearable torture for life-time or at least the time spent together. (Friends, family, others - seen this stuff happening daily).

      In case your boyfriend doesn't change his mind then take break and after a while start dating. Marry only the guy you love.

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  • It sounds like your boyfriend wants to have his cake and eat it too. He doesn't want to get married but wants to live together and act like you are married.
    I personally love with my fiancée but we are getting married and our relationship has always been about getting married.
    Not all guys are like that though
    You have to watch out for the ones who will use you to get what they want without commitment.
    I think you need to talk with him and see where this relationship is actually going.
    If he never wants to get married it's just a waste of your time. Otherwise why be with someone

    • I am happy for you because I really think marriage is the most important in life. He told me he loves me and doesn't have to prove his love for me (i told him if he loved me he would prove by marrying me)

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    • I really would talk to him about it :P
      If you can't talk about sex you shouldn't be having it :P
      Men will be lazy in a relationship if we let them

    • I am for convorsation about sex

  • He probably doesn't want to marry you because he thinks you might leave him for another guy or something probably when you are older he will marry you and anyways you can't just marry a guy because you want to get married even worse marry a guy that you don't love

    • no. If he marries me I won't need anyone

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