What does it mean if he says "I'll make it worth your while" ?

this guy and I have been talking and we've been talking about when and where to meet and he lives a good amount of distance from me and he wants to go somewhere close to his house and I asked him why he doesn't wanna meet half way and he said he doesn't know a other areas well and said he's nervous around places he don't know so I said ok, and I forget what else I said but then he said "I'll make it worth your while" ?


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  • Most guys don't know what they mean or what they would do when using this cryptic term they think makes them cool when regurgitating it.
    From a giving, loving guy this would mean he will be back flips to make you happy and have fun during your visit, since you were more put out than he traveling.
    This guy doesn't "read" as such, so I'm thinking he'll want sex (or something else similar) and his ego lies to him that you'll just love what he's doing to you.. haha?
    A guy that puts his own comfort and "being nervous" ahead of the gal is not a protective one considered to be candidate for either close friend or boyfriend.
    Further somewhere closer to his house could mean he's cased this joint to find it secure enough to do what he wants to you... however good or bad that might be

  • That means you are going to have the best time everrrrr.. lol!