Why do insecure guys date ugly girls?

( This question was posted on another forum; These words are not mine but whether I like it or not I am currently living this very scenario and would appreciate any additional feedback to better understand. )

" Its a shame. I know some girls who are considered very "pretty" with good hearts, guys always give them attention and are considered "it girls" - every girl wants to be like them, every guy wants to date them. These girls don't care about looks but rather to be treated right with love and respect.

I know of some STUPID STUPID guys who missed their chances and purposely get away fr. the girl to go for even uglier girls ("ugly" meaning INSIDE and out). One of my good guy friends had a thing for his girl friend for years. She was a very sweet, non high maintinence girl. She was smart, classy, and very beautiful. She fell for him and it freaked him out. She fell for him so deep she was ready to be loyal and in a relationship w. him... he ended up hurting her real bad and going for a girl who just turned 18 (she was in her 20's like him) and wasn't in the same league as his girl friend.

I'm not hating... just curious... is there a psychological reason behind it? "


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  • "Why do insecure guys date ugly girls?"

    Because they're insecure. They don't feel like they are good enough or deserve somebody who seems awesome because they feel like they are shit. It's also safer because they feel like someone uglier is not going to have as many other choices.

    PS - insecure girls do this too


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  • -Since he's insecure he might feel safer /less stressed out with the less attractive girl.
    -They might think the less attractive girl will put in more effort to pleasing him compared to the attractive girl who they might perceive as being more likely to have a "princess mentality".
    -They might assume the more attractive girl has slept around or that she's more likely to cheat/leave.

    For me tho, I am insecure/shy. It does make me hesitant to ask out beautiful girls but it doesn't make me want to ask out unattractive girls either. I just dont ask anyone out :p

  • Because they're INSECURE and can't get anything better.

    • but what if 'better' liked them?

  • Same reason why insecure girls like to date guys who abuse them. If your insecure your basically feeling like your a low value person and that you deserve the worst.


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  • Because they're insecure & don't think they're good enough for someone beautiful.

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