Okay, does this guy likes me or nah?

We met on Tinder and went on 3 dates so far. 2 initiated by him and the last one by me. He is being very passive. Before we met we texted a lot and it was very flirty, but after we met things became kinda friendly (from him). He complimented me couple of times and said I'm cute and pretty, was interested in my life and was asking a lot of questions. He always looks straight into my eyes and smiles often. He is very amazed how successful I am in my career because he is also very ambitious, so we mostly talked about our careers. He is very nice to me, such a gentlemen (he pays for dates, he opens doors for me and walks me to my home). But nothing physical or flirty happened so far. I often felt like I'm on a job interview or sitting with a good friend. I even tried initiating a kiss and it went kinda stupid and awkward he kinda rejected it. He is also terrible with texting. He says he doesn't have credit on his phone because he doesn't need it, because he always chats on whatsapp or facebook, but haven't asked me or added me on facebook or whatsapp, only on Skype. And when he doesn't respond for hours or days on Skype, he just tells me that he doesn't use Skype often, only for clients. Odd, right? And then 5 days ago he told me he is going out of town for 2 or 3 days, and when he was there he asked me if I wanted a gift. I said sure, surprise me, and he didn't contact me since then. It's been 5 days and I'm pretty sure he is back. Also, he deleted his tinder account right after our third date (I checked it through friend's tinder he defo deleted it). So I don't know, what do you think?


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