I love him and need advice?

I... I don't really know how to begin.

So there's this guy that I'm in love with, deeply. I've been struggling under this weight because no one knows. I desperately want to tell him, but the fear of getting rejected stops me in my tracks. He's so amazing, and I want to be with him. My mom doesn't like him, so maybe that also holds me back.

If if someone were in love with you, would you want to know? Even if you didn't feel the same way?

I just want to tell him and have him love me back. This is so hard, because I've never been in love before, or had a boyfriend. I am getting deeply depressed because he's the only thing I think about, he's my entire world. I just want him to love me back.

My my friend told me he doesn't like me, that he likes someone else but for some reason, I can't believe that. Maybe because my friend has feelings for me? He's always liked me.

Anyway, I need your opinions. Don't be shy!

Thank you,

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  • Should I not tell him?
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What Guys Said 1

  • Well, you're 15, according to yourself, and you've never been in a relationship before - that's not love, you just happen to have a crush on him, and he doesn't even know that you exist.

    With that said, have a go at him — you won't know what'll happen unless you try. And if you don't try, you'll spend a long amount of time afterwards about why you didn't do anything.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well I am going through a similar situation as you. He knows I love him but he doesn't love me back so that's what he says. I can't force him to love me and it's depressing. But in the long run I guess only time will tell. All you can do is tell him and give your all and after a while you will get tired and your heart will get cold and eventually you will learn to still live.

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