Lady's would you not date guy because of his hair? read below?

Ok so here's the skinny lol I have a mini afro which kind of looks messy as hell. I use to have a full in afro but I cut it and everytime i cut my hair people are always commenting me on my hairstyle... but I like natural hairstyles. So I guest I just wanna hair from girls does hairstyles really matter too you at all? and do you perfer long hair or short? am light skin black if that happens.

  • yes
  • no
  • it depends on how messy their hair is
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  • Hair does matter to me. I don't like bald or really short. Right now, my boyfriend's hair is down to the small of his back, so clearly, I quite like long hair :P I don't think that your hair would be an issue though. I like natural hair too :)

    • Will Thank you 6 months ago my hair was close to being pass my neck... but I cut it for a job and I regret it. I just hate the feeling of short hair it makes me feel naked aND I always liked having a really big curly afro

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