Do you find it amusing how some people who limit their racial dating preference settle down when they can't get any?

I find this to be happening a lot. Especially those self-hatred freaks who claim 'I only date XYZ' men/women. As soon as they come to a realization that it's not gonna work as how they want it to be, they switch their preference. This is why I dare not to claim I only date certain race. Who knows in the future we will end up marrying someone else. Like old people saying "You will get something that you REALLY don't want"


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  • tbh, i only hear these things on this site. irl, i never come across people saying they'll only date xyz... so i guess, i never see those people settling down or whatever.

    • Exactly. I was shocked for quite some time when I came to this site looking at those people who claim how they only date certain race and wouldn't date other races.

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    • @desidoll exactly. it's kind of scary to think of it that way. there is so much ugliness on here. i wouldn't want to step outside my door if most of the people out there thought such ugly things.

    • Many things on this site actually, something that I have never encountered in real life. Not sure if It's a demographic reason, or just the gagers' stigma.

  • It isn't amusing, but I find the idea to be stupid. Most people marry within their own race and if it happens to be like what you've mentioned above, I feel sorry for them. They deserve to settle down because it's their fault to limit their options to only one race. Most of the time, It happens to non White men/women who claim they would only date White men/women, but then end up marrying their own race hahaha. Just wish them good luck bro, though I rarely see this happening in real life like what @karahiri says.


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