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(Okay sorry about the length) So about five years ago I moved to another state when I was in 7th grade. And I started liking this girl. She was beautiful, smart, funny etc. I had talked to her a few times. Later on in the year one of my friends started dating her. Even tho he knew that I liked her, I wasn't mad at him. After that I started liking a few other girls left and right up until the end of my freshmen year. That's when I realized I still like her. But it was early on in my sophomore year when I truly fell in love with her.

Time after time my chances went by and I still couldn't pull myself to talk to her. Then I found out that later on in the year I was moving. So I told myself I had to talk to ask her on a date before I moved. So we started talking again. I felt great when I was talking to her. Like I accomplished something. I then decided to ask her to homecoming. I had everything planned out. I was going to ask her on Friday the week before homecoming. The day before that Friday during lunch me and my friends were going to the cafeteria. When we walked in there was this huge sign saying "(girl I like full name) will you go to homecoming with me". the guy who was asking her was under the sign with her. Then he said what the sign said and she said yes.

I was devastated the fact that this happened again with the girl I loved hurted the most. After that I stopped talking to her and basically gave up. Two months went by and I would be moving to another state in three days. I had decided that I would write a letter basically telling her how I feel and that I was a chicken and put it in her locker on my last day. The thing is after a year and a half I still love her. No matter what I do I can't get her out of my head. I feel like this will hold me back from being with other girls. I've asked people how can I forget about her and they just tell me to wait. Can someone please tell me how to move on or should I keep on waiting?


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  • Does she have any of your contact details? If so, I would move on considering she hasn't made an attempt to contact you. If you didn't leave her contact details then maybe try something like adding her as a friend on facebook or another form of social media (?) to initiate the possibility, at least starting off as friends first, then maybe if you know more about her (as in current relationship status) then bring up the note casually, if she is single that is. If you want to move on, it's really up to you the way you do it. For me, and I know it sounds stupid, I modify the stages of grief to suit my situation whether that be the end of a friendship or the loss of the loved one.

    I am very sorry if this is no help at all or I just sound idiotic, but the best of luck for the future xx


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  • No move on

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