Will I ever love again?

I am really shy, and also I guess a "nice guy".

In highschool, even at work I always hard a crush or two always kept me going, when one ended I would crush on a new girl sooner or later... it always kept on going like that...

One day (24) I met this girl at my work.

Maybe I misread things, maybe she led me on but I fell in love with an attention *****... I really thought she liked me but she broke my heart, I had talked to her for a year and we got so close until I asked her out and she said she had a boyfriend...

Two years have gone by, I know you can't find love but will I ever love the same way? The feelings I used to have, fantasies, just light hearted ones I will never have them again? Because of this one girl who broke my heart?

I talk to new girls, I see new girls all the time.. pretty ones, smart ones but how I used to feel about girls before has changed...

Will I ever crush/love again?


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  • You will love again! Mark my words.
    You have to realise that the person you had feelings for was not who you thought she was. She was never the one for you, and deep inside you know it.
    You'll be back on your feet again. Stronger than before.


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  • Whether you will love again or not, depends on whether you WANT to. If you let go of your past and seek girls with a clean slate, I don't see any reason why you can't fall in love again.


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  • u r just oversensintive.. she was just talking to u and u assumed she eants to be with u. u had no reason to be angry or upset, maybe disapoited. If she was your girlfriend and ended up cheating on u u could have reason to be down in tears,, but now, its your overreaction to say u will never love anybody else. U dont even knoe her, never dated her, never slept with her. it was no love no relation.
    I am sure u gonna meet your big big love soon and u will be good

    • I am not going to lie, I was really shy so yes.. maybe I did overthink some things, but at the same time I feel like she kinda teased me as well...

      She gave me her phone number and always texted me... Asking me questions, what I was doing, If I had a girlfriend ( I asked if she had a boyfriend and she changed the topic... which I was too stupid to realize meant yes)

      But I mean touching, flirting... she knew I was single and shy...

      But that is not the point, at the end of the day I fell in love with this girl, I crushed hard, had feelings I never felt before... it felt so right... I actually cried a lot when she rejected me...

      And now I just feel different, I can't find a girl that I love... and new girls I meet, I can't let them in/care about them anymore...

      So I am scared that I won't love again...

    • she was your first crush, i can say she flirted with u and u took it seriously.. its bad u took it seriously.. sometime its good just flirt and have fun u need to learn that and try to not fall in love easily , must protect your feelings next time.. its just for your own benefit.. we all have experienced what u diid.. all have been there, no worries and i am sure u will love next girl 1223333 times more thatn u loved her.

    • My feelings are very protected now, Inside a vault... I think that is my problem now...

      I hope you are right about the next girl... I hope there is a next girl...

  • yes you will when you let go of the past and set yourself free again. not all girls are the same and you can not judge them that way. take your time and get to know some girls and see how things go aim for friendship before you try for love.


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  • Lol yes you will