Girls, Can a guy just be too scared of women or are they legit not interested?

I'm 24 and have went through the life without experiencing a relationship yet some tell me it's all on on me that maybe these girls like me but want me to approach or make a move. Even if this is the case I don't know how to read the signs

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  • Well. It has to be give and take. About my current boyfriend, I made a lot of the first moves like initiating conversation, sitting near him, and eventually getting us to exchange phone numbers. But then he was the one to text me first and ask me out. Then I was the one to initiate a hug and I also brought up the fact that I've never kissed. Then a few days later, he kissed me. And then we both confessed a few weeks later and that was that. So it takes equal effort from both people, because no one wants to feel like they're into the relationship more than the other person. Maybe you just weren't into those girls enough to make a move. Have you ever made a first move?

    • No I have felt strong feelings for these girls but it's crippling fear of rejection

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    • Wow I could be hot

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