Would this be a turn off or on?

- respectful
- honest
- loyal

- loner (but does not lack social skills)
- not very open with emotions
- down the mill average (look/build)

Would you say the Cons outweigh the Pros in this case, or is it opposite. And please explain if this is a turn off or on.


What Girls Said 1

  • In my opinion, the pros definitely outway the cons! Being respectful, honest and loyal definitely are a turn on. Who cares if you are a loner or not very open with emotions, maybe when you find someone who you are happy with, things may change, your social and mental and emotional dynamics change when you find a significant other. As for 'down the mill average' I wouldn't worry too much about that.


What Guys Said 1

  • It is neither a turn on or turn off. As far as looks go it depends on who you ask because who you might say is average I might think is very pretty.