I think she's unsure about me? Keep trying?

I have a college class with her. She seems to really like me when I see her. But seems really unsure about hanging out with me or dating. She went out with me last weekend and never took her eyes off me and never stopped talking. She was laughing the whole time and didn't seem to want to leave when it was over. But she had been really unsure about going and decided to last minute.

Tuesday I asked her to come hang out with my friends this weekend and she said probably. She was texting me Friday then when I asked if she was going to come and she never replied. I tried to figure out if she's interested in another guy and it seems like no. So I dunno if there is some other issue or she is just unsure about me. She is failing her classes and misses a lot so I worry. She hasn't dated a guy for three years.


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  • 'seems really unsure about hanging out with me or dating'. Have you asked her to date you? Because hanging out with someone and wanting to date them are totally different things to a girl. She might just think you're a sound guy and want to be friends.

    Also she sounds like she might be quite flakey?

    What were the circumstances that she told you about not dating for 3 years. Because how that came about and what was said could be very important and give a clue as to if she likes you or not.


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