Girls, why do you suddenly ignore text messages or calls?

This girl. We talked a lot of times on facebook and we even text and call for 2 weeks. But suddenly, she has been ignoring
the messages and calls. I'm confused.


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  • People who do this tend to be very turbulent. Their emotions change quickly, like flipping a switch. Or, she was just playing you/killing some time with you because she was bored. Now she might have a new, shiny toy to play with.
    Don't even bother with such people. When they ghost on you, I know it's hard to not ask yourself how, or why they suddenly "disappeared". But it's not worth it, it's a waste of time to ask yourself these questions because you'll never get the answer. So try to just block them out of your mind and move on, find someone else.

    • But she acted interested too. We went out already and allows me to call her baby. :( She even called me baby first.

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    • Not if she's flat out ignoring all your calls and messages. Move on dude.

    • Ok thanks.

  • maybe you said something that offended her?