I tend to do nice things for people not expecting anything in return. Will this trait hurt me in dating?

I tend to like to help people and just do small nice things for people. Of course if I do find someone attractive I'll do a little more. However, I do that because it makes me feel good not for things in return. For example I have small crush on a girl and I let her borrow some of my comics. I do so because I like that she's enjoying reading them not because I expect anything in return. What I'm afraid of is that I might get taken advantage of later in life without realizing it. Or maybe if I'm doing these things for someone without expecting anything they won't have any interest in me. Is this trait something that will negatively impact my dating life. Because why buy the cow if the milk is free right?


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  • The trait isn't helpful when it comes to dating. Women generally don't sexually value you more because you're giving away free stuff. I'd wait until i made her your girlfriend before doing all that

    • I understand that it won't help in any way. Does it hinder though? Is that unappealing?

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    • That's very true I hadn't considered that lol

    • thanks for mho

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  • "Of course if I do find someone attractive I'll do a little more"

    What do you mean "they will take advantage of you"? Are you doing such things in order to make people have an interest in you? If that's the case, you actually EXPECT things IN RETURN.
    You're simply fooling yourself to believe the opposite.

    • I dont do things so these people will like me. If I like girl I might enjoy the fact that something i did put a smile on their face. That's what I get out of it. My example was me letting this cute girl borrow my comic books. This is something I've offered friends too. But the fact that I like her and she got to enjoy something because of me makes me feel good. She has no idea I have a crush and our mutual enjoyment of the comic series is the reason I gave for letting her borrow it. So will these kinds of actions hurt my dating life?

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