Is my relationship doomed?

I've been with my fiance going on 4 years now. Things were awesome in the beginning. And now i feel like everything is falling apart. We dont have regular sex anymore. he's been neglecting his personal hygene (showering/brushing teeth daily.) and when we do get intimate i feel so turned off. I can't get wet by him anymore. Its gotten to the point where i see him more as a room mate who i occasionally have sex with. And most of the time it's a 5-10 min quickie. We used to have sex 2-3x a day. I just feel like there's no passion. We both have stopped going down on each other. I've told him how i feel about his hygene but all he does is fix it for a couple days then goes right back to not caring. Its gotten to the point where sometimes i dont want to kiss him cuz i can tell he hasn't brushed jis teeth. Help! I feel like I've lost the love of my life. I just want him back to himself. He wasn't like that when we started dating. I feel like im a victim of false advertising.


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  • Wow! You keep up and maintain yourself right? I suggest professional help and tell him you're scared one day you'll be forced to leave

    • I shower everyday. Try to make sure i look and smell good. I don't know what to do. I thought maybe he's cheating but who would want to sleep with someone like that. he's lettkng himself go. he's put on weight. Which i dont mind i like my guys husky anyway. I've been trying to get him to the gym with me but he always puts it off.

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    • Its hard bc we live together.

    • Look, you can bring up ever excuse to try to convince me of God knows what but we both know what you SHOULD be doing. If you want me to comfort you and hold your hand, sorry! You got the wrong one.

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  • Hmmm... is he depressed? Did something life changing happened?

    • I don't know i try to talk about it and he tries to flip it on me

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    • Im just not happy any more. When i come home from work its like going to a second job. I feel more concerned about making sure he's taken care of clean clothes shower toiletries food etc. Am i playing mommy?

    • @Asker, no you aren't playing mommy. You are just being an adult but you can't play by yourself.

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