Does online profile make a difference to girls? Girls and guys help me?

A girl i was dating casually dint know that i had google+ profile and we broke it up.
After breakup she saw my profile and she saw my friends (girls included) and suddenly she turned 180, now she wants me back and is as sweet to me as she can be.
I want to know, is social profile so important to girls? Do they feel jealous?

  • Social profile means u have friends and a life outside her, and women feel jealous if they see u enjoying with other women.
  • Social profile doesn't make much of a difference.
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Basically, Now she calls me a player.
That means she thinks im dating other chics aswell and she is clearly pissed.


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  • Wait so she wants you back since she saw you Google+ profile? (I didn't know anyone actually used that but that's beside the point). I have no fucking clue what difference it would make.

    • Yeah basically she thought im a zombie sitting at home with no chics in my life,
      But now after seeing chics in my profile she completely changed..

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    • Bro i know she is a mess
      But im not looking for a relationship with thay bitch, i just wana bang her and that's it.

    • That's probably for the best, yeah.