Am I wrong for thinking badly about guys, when it comes to someone liking me?

Ok so one of my guy friends asked me if I liked his bestfriend,( I guess he was hoping for a double date but I don't know I'm just assuming ) I said sort of and he was really happy and started smiling, but I stopped him by saying why does it matter because he doesn't like me, and he got upset and was telling me I don't know that and I shouldn't think that way. So I told him why. I knew this guy and I really liked him I felt so safe around him and that's rare because my ex was treating me so badly, I ended up having trust issues with guys. But he was different and I saw that and I let my guard down, he gave me compliments and was always flirting with me and staring me and when I use to catch him staring he will either smile or turn his head like he wasn't staring. He use to take me everywhere and he always holds me like how a couple would hold each other, so I decided to tell him how I feel and he told me he wasn't attracted to me.. ever since then I have a hard time believing a guy, I know everyone is different I just can't help it and I'm honestly afraid to even try again.


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  • If you're afraid to even try again, you should compromise with the idea that you will continue being single.

    • I understand, it's just I can't believe it unless he tells me himself, now if he told me that his friend likes me, I honestly would try again but if I have to ask myself I won't do it. To some people it's stupid that I'm doing this but everyone thought the same as I did about the guy who was acting like he was into me and wanted to be with me, I totally get what you are trying say and I even thought about doing that, I have been single for 6 years now.

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