He pulled away, losing interest or he really need some space?

We dated for 3 weeks, and we did the deed on our 6th date. To some people it maybe too soon, but I own up to my actions and I don't regret it. After the weekend stay over he became distant but still contacting me.
Then heard nothing from him for a week. At first I thought its normal , and just let it be, by the 2nd week I told him if he dont want to hangout with me anymore at least be honest , I can handle it.

He replied few minutes after that apologised on how he had treated me and he need some time to himself because of some problems.
Surprisingly he is still updating his Tinder profile. I'm just confused because his actions were leading to something serious and he is a mature guy.


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  • Not sure if your last sentence is accurate lol. Sounds like he just wanted to hook up but he didn't realize that at first.. and now he's not interested. It's not normal to not hear from someone you're dating for a week. If he has some problems let him deal with it, it's not your responsibility to wait around for it. And clearly he's still looking because he's updating his dating profiles.

  • Losing intersted.