Is my relation done? Is she over me? Is it over?

I was casually dating a girl and i obviously acted needy, clingy, desperate, doormat etc
She lost interst and blew me off for other guys in the class, fortunately other dudes were no better than me so she started giving me signs in classroom but i ignored the shit out of her.,
Then, she stopped coming to the class its been 3 months and same is the time she dint text me but she has been uploading sad poems and songs on her social media for me basically saying she loves me.
I wana know is this relation over? Is she done?

  • Its over, if she missed u she would have contacted u directly coz she knows she cheated, it was her mistake.
  • She is indirectly telling u she loves u, because she is afraid of appearing needy, clingy and u might reject her.
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  • I dont think she's done with you.

    • Do u think she really regrets what she did?

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    • She is uploading songs and poems which has my name and lyrics of the songs depict how much she loves me and she is really miserable.
      I feel sad for her and i love her too but i just can't trust her now,
      I wana ask can a woman really change? If she really regrets what she did, will she be loyal this time?

    • I think shell start with the truths.

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  • I voted

    • U think she regrets what she did?

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  • How do you know the poems are about you? I would just move on because she clearly didn't like you enough in the first place. Why would you want her back? She's (assuming) at least in her 20's and that's some childish shit, posting passive aggressive sad things on social media. Find someone better lol

    • Coz it had my name in it.. the English meaning of my name is 'sky' and she often uses the word sky or skies in her poems, and songs too which have sky in its lyrics...
      I want her back just as a sex playmate

    • Then hit her up lol. It you don't really care for much emotionally then the worst she can do is say no, and then you move on and find another one.

  • She isn't the girl you want!

    • I know i deserve better, but my male ego wants to fuck her and dump her,
      So im just asking is there any chance she might contact me directly in future?

    • Stop begin a horny man! And move on!

    • I will fuck her and make her fall in love and then i will dump her ass,
      I have to take revenge or else i will always feel like a loser...

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