Did I do the right thing for refusing to just be friends?

I was seeing this guy for about a month (no sex though) and today I asked him where is this leading and he said bunch of stuff, mostly how his ex reappeared and fucked with his head and how he is not sure if he's gonna stay in town and that he thinks I'm amazing but doesn't want to lead me on or hurt me. So he suggested to just hang out and be friends if I'm okay with that. I said I'm not okay with that and that he knows where to find me if he changes his mind. It was all very politely, no arguing or anything. I feel sad though, because I really liked him, and now I'm wondering if maybe I should've accepted the friendship offer. What would you do?

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  • I would not stay friends
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  • Don't regret your desicion. It's hard to be friends with someone you have feelings for.

  • Yess


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